ALPHONSE HASSELMANS (1845-1912): Solo Harp: Chanson de Mai, Op. 40, Conte de Noël, Op. 33, Rêverie, Op. 26, Nocturne, Op. 43, Gnomes, Op. 49, Ballade, Valse, Op. 4, Gitana, Op. 21, La Source, Op. 44, Harp and Cello: Confidence, Op. 24, Prière.

Catalogue Number: 06P045

Label: Harp & Company

Reference: CD5050-34

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

No Longer Available

Description: The founder of the modern French harp school, teacher of Grandjany and Lily Laskine, composer of fin de siècle music at its decorative best, refined in color and with iridescent effects that one finds in art of the epoch, Hasselmans had a disc devoted to him on Brilliant Classics last November but only five pieces are duplicated here and there were no cello-harp pieces on that release. Rachel Talitman (harp), Noé Nathorp (cello).


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