JOSEF GUNG'L (1809-1889): Durch dick und dünn, Op. 289, Träume auf dem Ozean, Op. 80, Elbröschen, Op. 207, Perpetuum mobile, Op. 317, Amorettentänze, Op. 161, Najaden-Quadrille, Op. 264, Klänge aus der Heimat, Op. 31, Franz-Joseph-Marsch, Op. 142, Zsámbéki-Csárdás, Op. 163, Berliner-Concerthaus Polka, Op. 269, Siehst du wohl?, Op. 319, Eisenbahn-Dampf Galopp, Op. 5, Die Hydropathen, Op. 149, Gedenke mein, Op. 241, Narren-Galopp, Op. 182.

Catalogue Number: 06P097

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 582-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Born to an ethnic German family in Hungary, Gung'l (a name, in case it looks weird to you, also written by other holders of it without the apostrophe and also as Kunkel) became a military bandmaster and, after retiring and creating his own orchestra toured and established himself in Berlin in the same way Johann Strauss ruled in Vienna). Nuremberg Symphony; Christian Simonis.


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