ARNULFO MIRAMONTES (1881-1960): 8 Preludios for Piano, Opp. 67, 68, 92/3, 104 "Romántico", 107 "quasi Canon", 109 "Heroico", 110 "Trágico" & 120 "Burlesco", Hoja de álbum, Op. 11, Pequeña melodia, Op. 14, ¿Por qué?, Op. 19, Ella, Op. 40, Momento musical No. 2, Pastores, Op. 67, from Miniaturas mexicanas: El coconito, La pajarera, El barquero, Canción mixteca, Cielito lindo, El payo, Las mañanitas, La diana.

Catalogue Number: 06Q059

Label: Urtext

Reference: JBCC244

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: We had a disc of mostly songs last month but this one is entirely piano music, of three distinct types: the eight Preludes from 1921-25 which are in a conservative, romantic European style, a group of salon style pieces with some local color (from various early and middle years of Miramontes' career) and a group of late pieces (late 1940s and early 1950s) which are arrangements of typical Mexican songs and intended to instill a feeling of nationalism in children. Another piano volume will follow next month. Bernardo Jiménez Casillas (piano).


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