SAMUEL ADLER (b.1928): Symphony No. 6, Cello Concerto, Drifting on Winds and Currents.

Catalogue Number: 06R010

Label: Linn

Reference: CKD 545

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: This release confirms Adler as a front-rank American symphonist. The symphony, only the second to be recorded, is a three-movement work written in 1984-85 and lasting 26 minutes. It’s a dynamo of tightly wound bursts of energy in its outer movements, punctuated by shorter lyrical passages in the winds and its slow movement is quiet and mysterious with lyrical passages suggesting children’s songs but with a brazen outburst lurking at its center. The four-movement concerto is almost as long and has two slow movements of dissimilar modes of quiet bordering on eerie (a celesta helps establish the atmosphere in both) while the fast movements have plenty of the kinetic energy of the symphony (the works are only a decade apart, the concerto coming in 1995) and opportunity of virstuoso display. The nine-minute Drifting is a flowing and gentle in memoriam work from 2010. Royal Scottish National Orchestra; José Serebrier.


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