Horizon 7

GEORGE BENJAMIN(b.1960): Dream of the Song for Countertenor, Chorus and Orchestra (Bejun Mehta [countertenor], Netherlands Chamber Choir, George Benjamin [conductor]), RICHARD RIJNVOS (b.1964): fuoco e fumo (Daniel Harding [conductor]), TAN DUN (b.1957): The Wolf for Double Bass and Orchestra (Dominic Seldis [double bass], Tan Dun [conductor]), MAGNUS LINDBERG (b.1958): Era (David Robertson [conductor]).

Catalogue Number: 06R075

Label: RCO Live

Reference: RCO 16003

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $20.98

Description: The Rijnvos is about the fiery destruction of Venice's La Fenice opera house in 1996. Like other scores by the composer, the work is more sonorous, evocative soundscape than conventional music. Menacing repeated fragments overlap, pulsate and grow in intensity, vividly suggesting the terrifying, inexorable spread of destructive, flickering flames. An unnerving way to spend a quarter of an hour. Benjamin's work sets verses by three major poets who spent formative years in Granada; two mid-11th century Hebrew poets (sung by the countertenor in English), and Gabriel Garcia Lorca (sung by the chorus Spanish). The piece is shadowy and mysterious, exotic and melancholy, full of memorable timbres, highly original tone colors and rich tonal harmony, not used in a conventional tonal fashion. Powerful motifs in the bass register underpin monolithic chordal structures and opulently orchestrated episodes of dramatic event. Tan Dun's concerto is based on the novel Wolf Totem, about the extinction of the ancient Mongolian nomadic culture and their sacred animal, the wolf. Drawing on traditional folk melody and with passages of vivid cinematic drama full of running and galloping rhythms, this traditionally structured three-movement concerto fully exploits the sonorous expressiveness of the solo instrument. Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.


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