DAVID MATTHEWS (b.1943): Music for Solo Violin, Vol. 2 - 15 Preludes, Op. 132, Fantasia on Paganini’s Second Violin Concerto, Op. 147/1, 3 Chants, Op. 138, 4 Australian Birds, Op. 84a, Sonata, Op. 8, The National Anthem, Song Thrush Fragment, Birthday Piece for Richard, An Album Leaf for Sally, Not Farewell.

Catalogue Number: 06S073

Label: Toccata Classics

Reference: TOCC 0309

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: More results of the ongoing fruitful collaboration between composer and soloist. Ten years after the splendid set of fugues that Matthews wrote for Skærved (09P062) he decided to match them with a cycle of preludes in the same keys. Like the fugues, they contain formidable technical challenges, but more to the point, each has its own distinct character. They are all dedicated to or refer to specific people and circumstances, and thus include personal references and allusions to specific pieces or styles of music, plus Matthews' trademark birdsong. The latter is explored specifically in four little birdsong pieces, and the disc also includes charming, small occasional pieces written for friends. The Fantasia is an elaborated cadenza for the Paganini, and is, appropriately, a technical tour de force. The succinct four-movement sonata is a slightly revised early Sonatina, in traditional form, with a rapid scherzo, a melodic slow movement and a variation-finale. Peter Sheppard Skærved (violin).


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