BENJAMIN CARR (1768-1831): Piano Music - The Federal Overture, 6 Imitations of the Airs of Different Nations, Rondo in E Flat, 11 Preludes, Op. 13, 3 Divertimentos, 6 Sonatas, Yankee Doodle Air with Variations, Applicazione Addolcita, Op. 6, The Siege of Tripoli, Paddy Carey, Tell Me Soldier - Rondo, 6 Sonatinas, Fantasia on the Air “Gramachree”, Di anti palpate, When the Hollow Drum, Mantua Waltz, The Plowboy as a Divertisement and 15 more small pieces.

Catalogue Number: 06W022

Label: Centaur

Reference: CRC3862/63/64/65

Format: CD

Price: $33.98

Description: 4 CDs. Born in London, Carr immigrated to the U.S. in 1793. He was prolific as a composer, writing operas, pantomimes, masses, sacred hymns and anthems, many songs, and a prodigious amount of music for organ and pianoforte. Kirsten Johnson (piano).


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