ALEXANDER GOEDICKE (1877-1957): Ouverture dramatique, Op. 7, At War (From the Diary of a Dead Soldier), Op. 26, Horn Concerto in F, Op. 40, Trumpet Concerto, Op. 41.

Catalogue Number: 07J082

Label: Arte Nova

Reference: ANO 390481

Format: CD

Price: $4.98

No Longer Available

Description: Previously only available (briefly) as a special import back in the late 90s, this is the second volume of Arte Nova's "Russian Futurism". However, Goedicke doesn't really fit with Mosolov, Roslavets or even Krein and Gnesin. He is really a late Romantic at heart, most obviously in the gloriously melodic horn concerto of 1929. At War is the most "avant-garde" - an introduction and six shortish depictions of such things as "In the Trenches", "Attack", "Battle", which sound rather like silent film music. Gleb Karpushkin (horn), Vladimir Goncharov (trumpet), Russian Philharmonic Orchestra; Konstantin Krimets. Original 1996 Arte Nova release.


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