ARIBERT REIMANN (b.1936): Nachtstücke I (June 18, 1973) and II (Dec. 22, 1981), Engführung (March 15, 1968), 6 Poems by Sylvia Plath (Oct. 20, 1975).

Catalogue Number: 07J107

Label: Orfeo

Reference: C 663 051 A

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: The extreme mental states of Plath's poems bring equally extreme and wild responses from Reimann, whose 1975 half-hour long cycle will warm (chill?) the hearts of avant-garde vocal collectors. Celan's long poem is equally disturbing in its images (Holocaust? nuclear annhiliation?) and Reimann gives it a cantata-like setting in 1967. The Eichendorff settings (1966 and 1978) are relatively relaxing after such psychodrama. German-English texts. Catherine Gayer (soprano), Ernst Haefliger (tenor), Barry McDaniel (baritone), Aribert Reimann (piano). Original 1986 Orfeo LP releases.


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