MARION BAUER (1882-1955): Up the Ocklawaha, Op. 6, CARL VENTH (1860-1938): Aria, H.P. DANKS (1834-1903): Silver Threads Among the Gold, HERMANN BELLSTEDT JR. (1858-1926): Caprice on Dixie, HENRY HOLDEN HUSS (1862-1953): Romance, HARRY MATHENA GILBERT (1879-1964): Marionettes, CECIL BURLEIGH (1885-1980): 4 Rocky Mountain Sketches, Op. 11, MAX LIEBLING (1845-1927): Fantasia on Sousa Themes, J. ROSAMOND JOHNSON (1873-1954): Nobody Knows the Trouble I See, SAMUEL COLERDIGE-TAYLOR (1875-1912): Deep River, Op. 59/10, JULES MASSENET (1842-1912): Crépuscule from Poèmes Pastorale, ANTONÍN DVORÁK (1841-1904): Songs my Mother Sang, Humoreseke, Op. 101/7, SELIM PALMGREN (1878-1951): May Night, FREDERIC CHOPIN (1810-1849): "Minute" Waltz, Op. 64/1, JEAN SIBELIUS (1865-1957): Musette from King Christian II - Orchestral Suite, PERCY GRAINGER (1882-1961): Molly on the Shore, AMY BEACH (1867-1944): Romance, Op. 23.

Catalogue Number: 07J114

Label: Cedille

Reference: CDR 90000 097

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Powell (1868-1920) was that rare bird in the late 19th century - a female violinist with a regular concert schedule who led a male string quartet and championed contemporary composers. This tribute to her features works which were either dedicated to her, arranged by her, transcribed for her or which she adapted for her own use, providing a fascinating look into the concertgoing world of a vigorously expanding republic. Rachel Barton Pine (violin), Matthew Hagle (piano).


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