JACQUES PICHARD (b.1961): In memoriam Thaddée In for Organ and Asiatic Percussion (Pascale Rouet [organ], Philippe Charneux [percussion]), Canzona for Organ (Rouet), O coruscans lux/O mein eynigs G. for Organ, Percussion and Voice (Rouet, Charneux, Elizabeth Lagneau [contralto]), Livre d'orgue pour le Temps de la Passion (Dominique Levacque [organ]).

Catalogue Number: 07J119

Label: Triton

Reference: TRI 331149

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Pichard is an organist-composer who has cultivated a natural sense of the expressive possibilities of the instrument, as well as, apparently, a deeply felt respect for its place in liturgical tradition. Although broadly atonal, there is a definite sense of gravitation toward tonal centers in his music, and the use of repeated figures such as the ostinato in Canzona also provides a feeling of harmonic grounding or stability. The cycle of seven liturgical pieces that make up the Livre d'orgue inevitably invite comparison with Messiaen, and not only for the form of the work; characteristic gestures - toccata movements, sublime meditations, and strictly controlled structures all suggest this affinity, as does the richly textured, primarily coloristic use of harmony. The original and inventive use of the voice and percussion in O Coruscans and percussion (to evoke a Cambodian funeral ceremony) in the memorial work for a friend of the composer, add to the ritualistic mystery of these genuinely spiritual and emotionally potent works.


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