REINHARD KEISER (1674-1739): Suite from Hercules und Hebe, GEORG PHILIPP TELEMANN (1681-1767): Overture in E Minor "L'Omphale", 2 arias from Omphale, GEORGE FRIDERIC HANDEL (1685-1759): Sinfonia in B, Concerto for Violin and Strings in B.

Catalogue Number: 07K016

Label: Raum Klang

Reference: RK 2703

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: The engaging title of this collection, "Music of Hamburg's Moneybags", both tells where the music came from and how it was financed (no aristocracy in this Hanseatic city, so the merchants themselves paid the musical bills). Keiser's suite from a 1699 opera is a welcome addition to the catalogue from a composer still too little heard while these pages need no more encomia to Telemann... German-English texts. Yeree Suh (soprano), Elbipolis Baroque Orchestra Hamburg.


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