JOHANNES MARIA STAUD (b.1974): Apeiron (Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra; Simon Rattle), Incipit III for Trombone, String Orchestra, 2 Horns and Percussion (Uwe Dierksen [trombone], Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra; Lothar Zagrosek), Towards a Brighter Hue for Solo Violin (Ernst Kovacic [violin]), Violent Incidents for Saxophone, Wind Band and Percussion (Windkraft Tirol; Kasper de Roo, Marcus Weiss [sax]), Peras for Piano (Marino Formenti).

Catalogue Number: 07K110

Label: Kairos

Reference: 0012672KAI

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

No Longer Available

Description: The main work here is Apeiron, an extremely impressive large-scale canvas for huge orchestral forces. Taking as its premise the opposition and reconciliation of unbounded primal forces and deterministic proportions and procedures (whether natural or man-made), the piece juxtaposes sections of clusters in block orchestration with tonal block chords, Messiaen-like, with delicate impressionistic textures and wild, cosmic dances. Incipit III sets a solo trombone against an ensemble in an extended drama in which the soloist's material seems like a commentary on the action even as it develops. Violent Incidents extends further this idea of a narrative. Suggested by a video work by the artist Bruce Nauman in which an initially innocuous situation escalates out of control, the work follows a clear narrative arc, from the initially sedate to a cacophonous conclusion. Peras, for solo piano, represents the opposite side of the coin from Apeiron, to which it is related; tightly organized and spare of texture, it examines the detailed order of the microcosmos, in contrast to the unbounded universality of the orchestral work.


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