GEORGE FRIDERIC HANDEL (1685-1759): Aci, Galatea e Polifemo, HWV 72.

Catalogue Number: 07M032

Label: Dynamic

Reference: 33645

Format: DVD

Price: $37.98

Description: This serenata, probably written for performance at an aristocratic wedding in Naples, dates from 1708 and is particularly notable for the huge range and vocal agility required for its bass role. Filmed live in the newly restored Teatro Carignano in Turin, with an 18th century set design and using mimes doubling the singers to intensify the expression of emotion. English subtitles. Ruth Rosique (soprano), Sara Mingardo (mezzo), Antonio Abete (bass), Cappella della pietà de' Turchini; Antonio Florio. 16:9 widescreen. 5/1 Dolby Surround or 2.0 PCM stereo. NTSC. Region 0. 98 min.


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