FRANK NUYTS (b.1957): Piano Sonatas No. 4 "Adde parum parvo", No. 5 "Blue rays-Ry's blues " and No. 6 "Outlaw's exit".

Catalogue Number: 07M102

Label: Etcetera

Reference: KTC 1377

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Nuyts' sonatas represent a kid of wry, self-aware take on post-modern self-referencing polystylism. Within a thoroughly tonal context and a relatively undemonstrative (though frequently satisfyingly lively and energetic and requiring a high level of technique, while radiating a sense of being too cool and laid-back to indulge in grandiose Romantic excesses) pianistic idiom, the music effortlessly transforms within the span of an individual phrase or melody from classical pastiche to jazz to romantic sentiment to minimalistic motion to modernistic mechanism. While they last, each style is convincingly emulated, but the point, and the aspect of the music that makes it a telling commentary on contemporary compositional preoccupations is the juxtapositional dovetailing of disparate material that constantly occurs as the pieces progress. Taken at face value, the works are also very accessible and enjoyable, lent structural coherence through the discernible presence of classical forms (sonata, rondo, thematic interrelation of movements) throughout. Elsa Medinilla, Marc Masson, Benjamin Van Esser (piano).


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