GREGOR JOSEPH WERNER (1693-1766): Neuer und sehr curios-Musicalischer Kalender.

Catalogue Number: 07N025

Label: 2L

Reference: HCD 32654-55

Format: CD

Price: $35.98

Description: The second recording of this major work by Haydn's predecessor at the Esterhazy palace! Dating from 1748, the 'Musical Calendar' is a musical trip through the year with scene paintings a la Vivaldi's Four Seasons, alternating with a series of minuets whose time signatures are based on the hours of daylight and darkness at particular times of the month. Each month is represented by four or five pieces and the style is a pleasing mix of late Baroque and early Classical. We offered a release on the Swiss label Gallo in April 2002 (04D022 and 04D023). 2 CDs. Aura Musicale; Balázs Máté.


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