FRANZ POENITZ (1850-1912): Der 12. Psalm Davids for Mezzo-Soprano and Harp, Op. 30, Der Fischer for Soprano and Harp, Op. 28, for Mezzo-Soprano, Harp and Harmonium: Friede in Jesus, Op. 22 and Weihnachtslied, Op. 60, For 2 Harps: Fantasia in G Flat, Op. 65, Spukhafte Gavotte, Op. 75, Intermezzo, Wikingerfahrt, Op. 80.

Catalogue Number: 07O053

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 94246

Format: CD

Price: $7.98

Description: Absolutely gorgeous late Romantic music for harp from the solo harpist at the Berlin Court Opera for 47 years. You don't usually hear solo and duo harp music from this period (the works here date from 1889 to 1912), so you're not prepared for how big and resonant a sound the modern harp can make in meaty, Germanic music. Laura Vinciguerra, Susanna Bertuccioli (harps), Sophie Marilley (mezzo), Claudio Brizzi (harmonium).


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