TOLIBKHON SHAKHIDI (b.1946): Symphonic Poem Sado, Excerpts from the Ballets Death of Userer, Siyavush and Rubai Hayam (London Symphony Orchestra), Clarinet Concerto (Igor Fedorov [clarinet], Symphonic Picture Darius, The March (Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra).

Catalogue Number: 07O084

Label: Melodiya

Reference: MEL CD 10 02007

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Born in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Shakhidi is the son the man credited with founding the western art-music culture of his native country. His music is Hollywood wide-screen epic in style. Shakhidi studied with Khachaturian and it shows in almost every note. His dynamic range goes from fortissimo cubed, with what seems like a bus-full of brass blazing away, with pounding percussion and shrieking clarinets, to the softest whisper of sound, perhaps a flute whispering above almost silent strings. Got any Tajik music on your shelves? And, the English translations of what pass for notes are almost worth the price of the disc alone: "stun you with the uterine roar of a traditional symphonic orchestra" (how utterly gynecological!) or "the ringing silence of mountain tops, a monotonous babble of streaming coloration, and hypnotize you into a catalepsy of rest" which sounds more like a warning label... Valery Gergiev (conductor).


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