HILARY TANN (b.1947): With the Heather and Small Birds, In the First, Spinning Place for Saxophone and Orchestra, From the Feather to the Mountain, Here, The Cliffs for Violin and Orchestra, From Afar.

Catalogue Number: 07O085

Label: North/South

Reference: N/S R 1056

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

No Longer Available

Description: A combination of Welsh origins, American domicile and an extended period of study of Japanese music has placed an unique stamp on Tann's music. The evocative titles and poetic expression of the works speak to the wild landscapes and national character of Wales; modal inflections that start off reflecting Welsh folksong and hymns suddenly take on an Eastern character; and a bracing, rhythmically assertive open-air quality may be associated either with the Welsh hills and mountains or the larger landscapes of her adopted America. The overall language is decidedly tonal, the pieces accessible and cinematically vivid and appealing. Nature-imagery is central to From the Feather and Here, The Cliffs, with its solo protagonist a lonely figure in a wild, rugged landscape. The saxophone concerto takes its inspiration from a poem of Dylan Thomas, celebrating youthful vigor, again invoking images of nature. From Afar is an especially personal composition, celebrating the composer's Japanese influences through allusion and atmosphere rather than direct imitation. Debra Richtmeyer (sax), Frantisek Novotny (violin), Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra; Kirk Trevor.


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