Forgotten British Light Music

HERMAN FINCK (1872-1939): Orchestral: Cheero!, Hullo, Girls!, Jocoso, Pirouette, My Lady Dragonfly - Ballet Suite, Moonlight Dance, Decameron Nights - Orchestral Suite, Vocal numbers: In the Shadows, My Waltz Queen, Dear Old Fighting Boys, Venetia, The K-Nuts Medley, Queen of the Flowers.

Catalogue Number: 07O098

Label: Divine Art

Reference: ddv 62402

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: Finck was one of the most popular and prominent composers of light music in Britain for all of his life, a favorite of King George V and highly regarded by Beecham. This is the second volume of British Light Music produced by an Estonian musical company which has been featuring Gilbert & Sullivan and others such as Lionel Monckton, Ketelbey and Hubert Bath. Attractive presentation with five half-tones of period material associated with the composer. No texts. Pirjo Levandi, Kelli Uustani (sopranos), Theatre Bel-Etage; Mart Sander (baritone).


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