GIUSEPPE SCARLATTI (1718? or 1723?-1777): Dove è amore è gelosia.

Catalogue Number: 07P015

Label: Opus Arte

Reference: OA 1104 D

Format: DVD

Price: $28.98

Description: Here is the antepenultimate stage work (of more than 30 in all) by the nephew of either Alessandro or Domenico (that's why there are two possible birth years). It may seem like just another comic intermezzo - and it may in fact be just another comic intermezzo of the late baroque style - but the circumstances are pretty unique and beautiful to look at. This is a performance from September 2011 using young Czech and Slovak singers, a period instrument orchestra and staged in the Baroque Theatre of Krumlov Castle in the town of Cesky Krumlov, where the piece itself was premiered in 1768. The stage machinery, props, scenery and lighting are all authentic recreations of the period and the 88 minutes of the intermezzo are accompanied by a 55-minute documentary on the impeccably restored theatre in which it takes place. Lenka Máciková, Katerina Knezíková (sopranos), Ales Briscein, Jaroslav Brezina (tenors), Schwarzenberg Court Orchestra; Vojtech Spurny. 16:9 anamorphic. 5.1 DTS digital surround or 2.0 PCM stereo. 88 min. + 55 min. bonus features.


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