Hebrew Melodies

JOSEPH ACHRON (1886-1943): Hebrew Melody, Op. 33, 2 Hebrew Pieces, Op. 35, LEO ZEITLIN (1884-1930): Eli Zion (transcr. Achron), JOSEF BONIME (1891-1959): Danse hébraïque, JOHN WILLIAMS (b.1932): 3 Pieces from "Schindler's List", AVNER DORMAN (b.1975): Nigunim (Violin Sonata No. 3), ERNEST BLOCH (1880-1959): Baal Shem.

Catalogue Number: 07P054

Label: Canary Classics

Reference: CC10

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: This collection, while containing several chestnuts of this repertoire, is distinguished by having two short pieces by obscure composers (Bonime, who in his earlier career was Mischa Elman's accompanist and wrote the piece for his partner; and Zeitlin whose 1914 piece was originally for cello and piano) and a commission for this recording. Dorman's four-movement sonata, lasting just under 20 minutes, explores the modes and melodic gestures of Jewish music from North Africa (cantillations), Central Asia (wedding songs), Klezmer music and Ashkenazi prayers while also drawing upon local, non-Jewish music from Georgia and Macedonia in the second and fourth of the geographical places concerned. Gil Shaham (violin), Orli Shaham (piano).


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