VITTORIO RIETI (1894-1994): Capers, GIAN-CARLO MENOTTI (1911-2007): Sebastian, FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797-1828)/LEE HOIBY (1926-2011): Introduction, Theme and Variations (based upon Schubert's Op. 82 No. 2) for Piano and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 07P088

Label: Pierian

Reference: 0050

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: There is no date information for any of these recordings of ballet scores but they are in good quality stereo even though a note apologizes for some less than perfect sections due to the tapes (from the conductor's personal archive) having been stretched over time. Collectors of rare repertoire will want the 24-minute, eight-segment Rieti ballet (performed by the Joffrey) which has no scenario and was orchestrated from two two-piano pieces, New Waltzes and Chess Serenade, and Hoiby's 15-minute orchestration of Schubert's piece for piano four-hands (now listed among the doubtful works in the latest Deutsch catalogue and given the number D.968a [formerly it was D.603). Lee Hoiby (piano), Vienna State Opera Orchestra; Jonathan Sternberg.


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