LOUIS SPOHR (1784-1859): The Fall of Babylon.

Catalogue Number: 07Q038

Label: Coviello Classics

Reference: COV 91406

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $34.98

Description: World Premiere Recording of what the extensive notes make a case for being Spohr's magnum opus. Commissioned by the Norwich Festival where it was premiered in 1842 using a German translation of an English text prepared specially for Spohr by an English music-teacher friend. The central character is a nameless Jewish woman who stands in for the oppressed of all ages (remember that Europe was getting rather revolutionary leading up to the crisis year of 1848) and Spohr provides fittingly colorful and dramatic music. One English newspaper shouted "The greatest work since Handel!". 2 CDs. German-English texts. Ekaterina Kudryavtseva (soprano), Anne Schuldt (mezzo), Matthias Stier (tenor), Rossen Krastev, Dirk Schmidt (basses), Brauschweig Concert Choir, Braunschweig State Orchestra; Matthias Stanze.


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