JOAQUÍN NIN-CULMELL (1908-2004): Cello Concerto (après P. Anselm Viola), Suite for Solo Cello, JOAQUÍN NIN (1879-1949): for Cello and Piano: Suite espagnole, Chants d’espagne, 4 comentarios.

Catalogue Number: 07R009

Label: Columna Musica

Reference: 1CM0092

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Nothing to frighten the conservative collector here except for the nine-minute solo cello suite which is neo-baroque but uses the twelve-tone system to modernize a Preambule, Forlane, Badinerie, Marche en rondeau, Sarabande, Thème varié and Gigue (yes, that’s seven pieces in nine minutes). Nin-Culmell’s concerto though is a transcription of a bassoon concerto by the 18th century composer Anselm Viola and its Classicism is untouched by anything modern. Daddy Nin’s three suites of four pieces each date from 1927 and 1930, the first two listed above are in regional Spanish folk music styles while the Comentarios are variations on themes by 18th century Spanish composers (Rafael Anglés, two by Pablo Esteve, and José Bassa). Svetlana Tovstukha (cello), Kazan Philharmonic Orchestra; Melani Mestre (conductor and piano).


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