ALOŸS CLAUSSMANN (1850-1926): Piano Sonata, Op. 45, Chant du Renouveau, Op. 48, Nocturne, Op. 55, Chant du Soir - Tarentelle, Op. 60/3 & 4, Barcarolle No. 3 and Capricietto, Op. 71/5 & 9, Capriccio, Op. 78/3, Nocturne No. 8, Op. 80/1.

Catalogue Number: 07R032

Label: Ligia

Reference: Lidi 0103292-15

Format: CD

Price: $20.98

No Longer Available

Description: Like Gouvy, Claussmann was born in what is now Germany but spent his entire career as composer, teacher, musician and administrator in the town of Clermont-Ferrand. He left more than 100 piano pieces of which the shorter pieces here, all mature works dating from 1912-23, are what some might call high-quality salon music but the Op. 55 Nocturne is deeper than that while the Chant du Renouveau is a particularly memorable for its relaxed sense of well-being. The 26-minute sonata comes from 1907 and joins other French Romantic sonatas now reminiscent of Richard Strauss and Franck and now incorporating post-Romantic harmonic experiments. Claudine Simon (piano).


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