MIKIS THEODORAKIS (b.1925): A Sea Full of Music, The Day Ends, Your Sea Hair, The Hour of Fire, Spring Music, The Sea Awaits You, And I Love you in the Endless Noon Hour, I Ply the Waters, As Long as the Sea Lasts, Songs of the Sea, The Circle of Water, Colors of the Sea, Night Flight, The Rhythm of the Waters, The Mystic Aegean, The Rivers of Your Body, Byzantine Ruins, The Footprints of the Sun, Desires Ignite, With the Music of the Water, Burning July Wind.

Catalogue Number: 07R049

Label: Wergo

Reference: INT 3242 2

Format: CD

Price: $24.98

Description: This is a collection of folk-music-inspired songs, whether originally written for voice the composer does not tell us in his note; perhaps the cello stands in for a voice singing in Greek and helps make the listening experience more holistic. The title of the disc “East of the Aegean” defines the musical sources of Theodorakis’ childhood and youth evoked here: coastal Asia Minor, Chios, Lesbos and Ikaria. Jens Naumilkat (cello), Henning Schmiedt (piano).


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