KEVIN PUTS (b.1972): Seven Seascapes for Flute, Horn, String Trio, Double Bass and Piano, Four Airs for Flute and Piano, Cello and Piano, Clarinet and Piano and Violin and Piano, Rounds for Robin for Flute and Piano, Traveler for Flute and Piano Quartet.

Catalogue Number: 07R073

Label: BCMF Premieres

Reference: 005

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

Description: The Seascapes are vivid evocations of the sea's many moods - tranquil, storm-wracked, mysterious, the demesne of wild birds, dangerous and unfathomable. The pieces illustrate fragments of text by diverse authors, from a throwaway line of insouciant descriptiveness by Douglas Adams to a dense knot of tumultuous symbolism from a poem by Mervyn Peake. Puts' idiom taps a rich vein of neo-romanticism, and these evocative little pieces conjure atmospheric images of places and their associated emotions. The Airs consist of four movements for different instruments of different character, each in its own way melodic and thoughtful, a little sombre in tone, with tolling accompaniments a recurring feature throughout. Robin is Robin Williams, and the piece combines elements of vivacious energy with sadness in a gentle elegy, and Traveler is a brief set of timbrally and harmonically diverse variations on an assertive theme. Artists of the Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival.


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