WALTER BRAUNFELS (1882-1954): Grosse Messe in G Minor for Soloists, Chorus, Boys’ Chorus, Organ and Large Orchestra, Op. 37.

Catalogue Number: 07S002

Label: Capriccio

Reference: C5267

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: This huge, 76-minute mass may be Braunfels’ most original work both in the size of the forces involved, the form (an orchestral Interludium for organ, brass and strings between the Sanctus and Benedictus) and the amazing breadth of influences assimilated therein. Richard Strauss, Schreker, Pfitzner, Orff, Mahler and even Janáček will make mostly brief appearances - just long enough for you to realize how many worlds Braunfels contained at the peak of his powers during the 1923-26 period of composition. In the notes, not only does the conductor of this live performance rhapsodize about the work and its composer but also the conductor Manfred Honeck, whose 2010 Decca recording (apparently only available in Europe) was the work’s first. Simone Schneider (soprano), Gerhild Romberger (alto), Christian Elsner (tenor), Robert Holl (bass), Philharmonischer Chor Berlin, Berliner Singakademie, Boys of the Staats- und Domchores Berlin, Konzerthausorchester Berlin; Jörg-Peter Weigle.


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