GIOACHINO ROSSINI (1792-1868): Stabat Mater (Original version with sections by Giovanni Tadolini [1789-1872] orchestrated by Antonino Fogliani [b.1976]), Giovanna d’Arco (orch. Marco Taralli [b.1967]) (Both World Premiere Recordings).

Catalogue Number: 07S033

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.573531

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: One of the staples of the sacred music repertoire had a complicated history. Rossini wrote it on request for performance in Madrid but, running short of time, enlisted the help of his friend Giovanni Tadolini. Rossini completed six pieces, Tadolini seven. Tadolini's pieces now only exist as piano reductions but conductor Antonino Fogliani has orchestrated them to allow listeners to hear the original work for the first time since 1833. Marco Tarelli's 2009 orchestration of Giovanna d'Arco, a cantata from the same year (1832) is just like one of those student mandatory exercises in the competition for the Prix de Rome but it was apparently not performed until 1859. Italian-English texts. Majella Cullagh (soprano), Marianna Pizzolato (mezzo), José Luis Sola (tenor), Mirco Palazzi (bass), Camerata Bach Choir Poznań, Württemberg Philharmonic Orchestra; Antonino Fogliani.


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