ANTON BRUCKNER (1824-1896): Psalm 146 in A or Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra (First CD Recording), Mass No. 3 in F Minor for Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra, Organ Works: Andante in D Minor, Postlude in D Minor, Prelude and Fugue in C Minor, Fugue in D Minor, “Perger” Prelude in C Minor, Themes for Improvisation (completed as Festmusik by Erwin Horn [b.1940]).

Catalogue Number: 07S037

Label: Profil

Reference: PH16034

Format: CD

Price: $33.98

Description: Unless you have the 1972 Colosseum LP of Psalm 146 (reissued in 2011 by a tiny German company called Klassik Haus and not easy to find) you’ve probably never heard this work of c. 1858. It doesn’t really sound like mature Bruckner yet (Mendelssohn comes to mind) but its fugal finale shows the composer’s studies of counterpoint with Simon Sechter during the same period to have been well assimilated. The Symphony No. ‘0’ was just around the corner... 2 CDs. Ania Vegry (soprano), Franziska Gottwald (contralto), Clemens Bieber (tenor), Timo Riihonen (bass), Munich Philharmonic Choir, Philharmonie Festiva; Gerd Schaller (conductor and organ).


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