CARSON COOMAN (b.1982): Canzone II-VI, Sinfonia, Sonatina No. 2, Concertini I and II, Preludio quieto, Rondo estatico, 3 Renaisssance Dances, Tambourin, Ricercari a 3, a 2 and a 4, Ricercare piccola sopre un nome, Tiento, Rondeau, Preludio, Roundelay, A Bedfordshire Voluntary, Diapson Voluntary, Prelude, Fughetta and Allegro, Canto e Fugato, Kleine Spielmusik, Toccata sequenzale sopra “ut re mi fa”, Plaint, Verset, Passacaglia semplice.

Catalogue Number: 07S080

Label: Divine Art

Reference: dda 21229

Format: CD

Price: $25.98

Description: This extremely attractive set showcases the range of shorter organ pieces written in the past few years by the prolific composer. The works explore a range of forms from the traditions of the Renaissance and Baroque periods from around Europe, in the harmonic style of the period though with Cooman's characteristic polymodal language adding a contemporary twist and not infrequently leading to moments of delighted surprise when the harmony takes a different direction from that anticipated. The freshness and variety of inspiration, and the composer's effortless communion with his illustrious forebears, from Frescobaldi to Buxtehude, Couperin to John Stanley, are most appealing. The release is probably primarily aimed at organists intent on expanding their repertory of new and original yet thoroughly accessible voluntaries, but it will appeal to just about anyone who would consider attending an organ recital or who lingers after church to hear what the organist is playing. 2 CDs. Erik Simmons (organ of Basilica Maria-Himmelfahrt, Krezeszów, Poland).


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