HANS PFITZNER (1869-1949): Die Rose vom Liebesgarten.

Catalogue Number: 07T006

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 500-2

Format: CD

Price: $47.98

Description: Early (1901) quasi-Wagnerian, Romantic Pfitzner with fairies, dwarves, giants, woodland folk and an evil sorcerer, set in and around the Garden of Love whose young, handsome Guardian of Spring receives a rose from Mistress Love as a token of that which he is to protect. Naturally he falls in love with an Elf-queen who herself is lusted after by the subterranean Night-Sorcerer and trouble ensues. So it’s Parsifal mixed with Rosicrucian mysticism and some intentional echoes of Wagner but, on the whole, the opera looks forward to Debussy’s Pelleas rather than backward at Wagner. The depiction of the Garden of Love, the Guardian’s trip into an underworld landscape to rescue his Elf-queen and their deaths and revival/transfiguration give Pfitzner plenty of opportunities to demostrate his range of orchestrational prowess and hedelivers a gorgeous score that encompasses gossamer delicacy and brazen splendor. This would appear to be its first modern recording. 3 CDs. German-English libretto. Erin Caves (tenor), Andreas Kindschuh (baritone), Kouta Räsänen (bass), Astrid Weber, Jana Büchner (sopranos), Chorus and Children’s Chorus of the Chemnitz Opera, Robert Schumann Philharmonic; Frank Beerman.


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