20th century works for solo cello

WOLFGANG FORTNER (1907-1987): Suite, GISELHER KLEBE (1925-2009): Nenia, Op. 70, SAMUEL ADLER (b.1928): Sonata, ERNST TOCH (1887-1964): Impromptu, Op. 90c.

Catalogue Number: 07T054

Label: TYXart

Reference: TXA17098

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: All but Fortner’s piece were written for famous cellists (in the order listed above, for Piatigorsky, Lynn Harrell and André Navarra and all but Klebe’s, which uses personalized serial techniques that strengthen its emotional response to a 1974 terrorist bombing in Italy. Fortner (1932) pays homage to the baroque suite and his third movement uses a French troubadour melody while Toch in 1963 and Adler in 1965 are unashamed in their use of melody and melodic motifs. Friedemann Döling (cello).


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