JOHN LUTHER ADAMS (b.1953): Become Desert.

Catalogue Number: 07V012

Label: Cantaloupe

Reference: CA 21148

Format: CD + DVD

Price: $19.98

Description: Another of Adams' large-scale nature-inspired orchestral soundscapes. Adams has relocated from the Pacific Northwest, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, to Mexico in recent years, so his environmental influences and concerns have shifted from those that inspired the astonishing Become Ocean of 2014 (10Q010) to the empty and encroaching desertscapes of the southwestern USA and central and South America. The processes at work in the piece are analogous to those of Become Ocean - a huge orchestra, swelling masses of sound, consonant, slow-moving chords in this case surrounded by an aura of dissonance - but timbrally the work is quite different. Instead of the vast, surging currents of the depths, this landscape blazes with light; bell sounds are present almost throughout and the bright, dissonant surface textures suggest intolerable heat and glare extended over huge expanses of curving dunes. The forty-minute piece has a single arch (or dune) dynamic contour, rising to a monumental, threatening climax at its mid-point. It begins and ends in desolation, loneliness and stark, mineral beauty. Seattle Symphony; Ludovic Morlot. CD + DVD.


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