JOHN LUTHER ADAMS (b.1953): Houses of the Wind.

Catalogue Number: 07Y052

Label: Cold Blue

Reference: CB 0063

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: A different approach by Adams to his ongoing quest to transcribe the elemental sounds of nature into music. Over the past few decades he made many field recordings of natural phenomena, especially of the eerie, ethereal sounds of Aeolian harps, which inspired the fluid soundscapes of a number of works, including The Wind in High Places (02Q069) and the immersive, unsettlingly alien Arctic Dreams (06W055). Here, though, he takes one of these original recordings, of a "small aeolian harp, recorded in the Arctic in the summer of 1989" and by electronically transforming it, pitch-shifting, and layering it upon itself, creates five new versions of it, evoking wind phenomena resulting from different natural causes - cool, dense air that flows down mountainsides (katabatic wind), upslope currents caused by heating (anabatic wind), and winds on high mountains, tundra, and through canyons. These haunting pieces have the resonance of deep, echoing bells and organ clusters, impossibly drawn out and sustained.


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