CYRILLUS KREEK (1889-1962): Requiem in D Minor for Tenor, Mixed Choir and Orchestra, Musica Sacra for Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 08J007

Label: Alba

Reference: ABCD 229

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Written in 1925-27, this requiem is in the Estonian language, translated from a text of Mozart's requiem in 1870 by a German-Estonian writer! Kreek was the youngest of the recognized founders of the Estonian national school of composition and practically everything he wrote was choral and based on folk material. He played the trombone and his love for the lower brass is everywhere evident in the Requiem, which serves two purposes since folk instruments such as goat horns and the wooden lur are easily suggested by horns and trombones. Unhurried, sincere and, in the Dies irae, rising to imposing grandeur, this is a memorable milestone in Estonian national composition. Musica sacra (1943 - the Nazis encouraged composition in national style during their occupation and some musicians, like the conductor Olav Roots [1910-1974], who encouraged Kreek and premiered many of his works, had to flee the Russians for this reason) continues in the same general style, setting four psalms and two other sacred songs. Estonian-English texts. Mati Turi (tenor), Piret Aidulo (organ), Estonian National Opera Chorus and Symphony Orchestra; Arvo Vollmer.


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