ANTON EBERL (1765-1807): Piano Sonata in C Minor, Op. 1, Grand Sonata Characteristique, Op. 12, Grand Sonatas in C, Op. 16, in G Minor, Op. 27, in G Minor, Op. 39 and in C, Op. 43, Toccata in C Minor, Op. 46, Fantasie in D Minor, Op. 28, Sonatina in C, Op. 5.

Catalogue Number: 08L040

Label: Music & Arts

Reference: CD-1221

Format: CD

Price: $50.98

Description: These sonatas trace both Eberl's stylistic development and the development of the piano, from the Mozartian Op. 1 (for much of the 19th century it was published as Mozart's "Sonata No. 20") and Sonatina to the large-scale Opp. 39 and 43, highly dramatic works demanding a huge sonority (and huge hands for that matter). As compelling a discovery as the set of Czerny sonatas we offered recently on Nimbus. 3 CDs. John Khouri (Jacob Pfister c. 1820 fortepiano and a copy of an 18th c. pedal piano).


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