SIMON HOLT (b.1958): Tauromaquia, a book of colours, Black Lanterns, Klop's Last Bite, Nigredo.

Catalogue Number: 08L113

Label: NMC

Reference: D 128

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: This survey of all but the most recent of Holt's modest but consistent output for piano begins with the early Tauromaquia, after Goya's scenes of bullfighting. A work of considerable intensity and color, it betrays an allegiance to Messiaen's piano writing, as the other works here largely do not. The five pieces that make up the Book of Colours are a contrasting set, alternating conflicting images of flickering fire and stony immobility. Black Lanterns and Nigredo both begin with a nonchalant, shadowy opening before erupting into highly ornamented figuration and, especially in the latter case, considerable pianistic bravura. The 11 tiny movements of Klop depict a rather sinister cartoonish battle to the death between a bedbug and a flea, all little gestures of gnomic nature, beyond aphoristic in their fragmentary and microscopic expression.


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