ARWEL HUGHES (1909-1988): Prelude, Owain Glyndwr, Suite, Anatiomaros, Overture to the opera Menna, Overture to the opera Love's the Doctor.

Catalogue Number: 08N008

Label: BIS

Reference: CD-1674

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Exactly four years ago (08N079), BIS gave us Hughes' early (1936) Fantasia for strings on a multiple composer standard rep disc. Now, we have this Welsh composer's almost complete orchestral œuvre (except for his symphony), again conducted by his son. There are two tone poems on Welsh historical (Owen Glendower) and mythical (a figure whose name, Enaid Mawr or, in a more ancient form of the language Anatiomaros, means "Great Soul"), a 13-minute Prelude of similar dramatic impact and a three-movement orchestra suite (all from 1943-47 except Owain, which is from 1979), and two shorter curtain-raisers to Hughes's two operas (1954 and 1945). Hughes was a student of Vaughan Williams but this music doesn't sound like that of his teacher; Anatiomaros is a bit in debt to the Celtic school of Bax, Ireland and Moeran and Owain is almost film-score vivid in its capturing of battle and pageantry. Sure to delight all collectors of 20th century British tonal orchestal music. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Owain Arwel Hughes.


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