ARTUR KANETSCHEIDER (1898-1977): Volume 3 - Südtirol Suites for Large Orchestra No. 1, "Land der Väter", Op. 105 (rec. Nov. 1955), No. 2, "An Rienz und Eisack", Op. 106 (rec. Dec. 11, 1955) & No. 3 "Etschland" (rec. May 17, 1958), Op. 112, Variations über ein geistliches Lied, Op. 96a (rec. July 20, 1957), Symphonic Poem Frau Hitt, Op. 104 (rec. April 24, 1968), Kinderland - Musikalische Kurzszenen, Op. 89b (rec. Jan. 21, 1959), Music for the Film Der Weg ins Tal, Op. 100 (rec. 1965).

Catalogue Number: 08N074

Label: Tiroler Landesmuseen

Reference: 69

Format: CD

Price: $34.98

No Longer Available

Description: This Tyrolean composer both collected and studied and composed music based on folk themes from his native part of Austria. The three big Südtirol suites total 18 movements drawing inspiration not only from folk music but from such other Tyrolean sources as Oswald von Wolkenstein and Leonhard Lechner. Der Weg is music for an Alpine film travelogue (and Frau Hitt is the name of an Alpine peak); Kinderland, written while a Russian prisoner-of-war, is music for primary and secondary teaching. Clear, mono sound from studio recordings made for later broadcast. There are two other volumes of his music; if this one proves to be popular, I'll offer the others too. 2 CDs. Mono. Innsbruck State Orchestra; Walter Hindelang and Large Orchestra of the Austrian Radio; Max Schönherr (Der Weg ins Tal).


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