MATTEO FRANCESCHINI (b.1979): Sequel for Viola and Ensemble (Maria Ronchini [viola]), Legenda for Violin and Ensemble (Lorenzo Gorli [violin]), A Long Time Ago for Cello and Ensemble (Relja Lukic [cello], Sine qua non for Piano and Ensemble (Maria Grazia Bellocchio [piano]).

Catalogue Number: 08N107

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33888

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Franceschini's pieces might best be described as instrumental music-theatre, insofar as the theatrical drama is played out by instruments playing more or less conventionally. Nevertheless, structurally the works seem to obey few of the rules of conventional musical forms; the instruments' utterances and their interactions have more in common with the unstructured relationships between people in a drama - or in real life, for that matter. Passages of obstinate rhythmic vitality - the beginning of Sequel, the closing of Sine qua non for example - arise out of or are abruptly interrupted by fluid atonal gestures, or a folk-like melodic fragment, obsessively repeated by one of the solo instruments (whose function is that of a leading character in the virtual play, but not a protagonist around whom the whole drama revolves) will be overwhelmed by abrasive commentary from the other instruments, as in the early part of Legenda. The analogy of cinematic effects is drawn in the booklet notes - the vividness of suggested imagery and rapid cuts between 'scenes' do indeed suggest something of the sort, though it would be a rather experimental, nonlinear film if this were the soundtrack, or script. Divertimento Ensemble; Sandro Gorli


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