The Virtuoso Recorder II

GIUSEPPE SAMMARTINI (1693-1750): Soprano Recorder Concerto in F, FRANCESCO MANCINI (1693-1750): Alto Recorder Concerto in G Minor, GIUSEPPE TARTINI (1692-1770): Alto Recorder Concerto in F, NICOLA FIORENZA (c.1700-1773): Alto Recorder Concerto in G Minor, FRANCESCO MONTANARI?/HANDEL?: Sopranino Recorder Concerto in B Flat, LEONARDO VINCI (c.1690-1730): Recorder Concerto in A Minor, JOHANN ADOLF HASSE (1699-1783): Alto Recorder Sonata in B Flat, GIOVANNI ANTONIO PIANI (1678-1757): Recorder Sonata in E Minor.

Catalogue Number: 08P020

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 316-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: The previous volume of this series (08M024 in Aug. 2010) centered mostly on Darmstadt, which had a famous recorder player. Here the focus is Naples (Hasse's dates from his time in that city), with Sammartini's London composition and Tartini's Milan-sourced work the outliers. The Hasse, Tartini and Vinci are first recordings. Cappella Academica Frankfurt; Michael Schneider (recorders).


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