AKIRA MIYOSHI (b.1933): Piano Sonata, Chaînes: Préludes pour Piano, En Vers, Pour le piano - Mouvement Circulaire et Croisé.

Catalogue Number: 08P071

Label: Odradek

Reference: ODRCD306

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: The Sonata was written during Miyoshi's years of study in France, and clearly shows the profound formative influence that this experience had on the composer. The work is very 'western' indeed, in form and harmony, with elements of sonata and rondo form, a neoclassical approach to texture. The language is tonal, with a coloristic, decidedly French-sounding sense of harmony. Chaînes is a set of 24 short pieces, exploring a variety of textures and sonorities. The influence of Messiaen on the composer's harmonic thinking and sense of pianistic sonority is very apparent in this 1973 work, which is freer in form and more rhythmically complex than the sonata. Pour le piano also has somewhat in common with Messiaen in its richly colored chromatic harmonic construction and rhythmic complexity; the subtitle refers to lines crossing within a circle, alluding to the interaction of contrasting material within an overall constraining outline. En Vers is a decade and a half earlier than Pour le piano, and here bell-like sonorities and subtle, sustained textures conjure a sense of impressionism, more tonal than the later work, with more than a hint of Debussy and Ravel, tending again toward Messiaen as the work progresses. Yukiko Kojima (piano).


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