KRZYSZTOF MEYER (b.1943): Piano Sonatas No. 4, Op. 22, No. 5, Op. 32 “Sonate des sons rayonnants” and No. 6, Op. 106, 6 Intermezzi, Op. 121.

Catalogue Number: 08R072

Label: Dux

Reference: 0505

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The piano was Meyer's instrument, and throughout the stylistic changes that his output has undergone since the 1960s his idiomatic and original use of the instrument has remained consistent. The Fourth Sonata is from 1968, and retains elements of the sonorism that supplanted the composer's early experiments with dodecaphony; the language is still largely atonal, though with an increased sense of adherence to traditional expressive devices, as for instance in the exhilarating toccata that makes up much of the first movement or the ominous, granitic ostinato-cortège of the fourth. The Fifth Sonata is based on fragments of a discarded work from 1975, hence the low opus number, but it was actually written in 1997, and while it cannot be described as conventional or neo-romantic, it is in four distinct movements and is far more reliant on harmonic development and anticipation in a quasi-tonal sense for its forward motion and rich emotional content. A dolorous opening movement is followed by a motoric scherzo, a long-breathed rhapsodic slow movement which gradually approaches an impassioned climax and subsides into the inquiet meditation whence it came, and a finale 'obsessivo' with an inexorable mechanical momentum. Sonata breve, Op.106 from 2006, is a quarter-hour single span of intricate counterpoint in a tightly formally organized symmetrical structure that nevertheless admits a great deal of expressive contrast. The Six Intermezzi were written last year. Contrasting movements adding up to some eighteen minutes, taken as a whole they form an almost sonata-like structure, with thematic cross-referencing within and between movements and a sense of harmonic and character progression. Marek Szlezer (piano).


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