ALBERTO GINASTERA (1916-1983): Concerto for Strings, Op. 33, Estudios sinfonicos, Op. 35 (World Premiere Recording?), Glosses sobra temes de Pau Casals, Op. 48, Iubilum, Op. 51.

Catalogue Number: 08S010

Label: Capriccio

Reference: C5271

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: We’re totally in the Argentinian composer’s modernist, late period here (he called it his “neo-expressionist” period) and we may have a first recording - at least on CD - since I can find no reference to another one of the 1967 Estudios sinfonicos. This is also the thorniest work he may have written (but will appeal to collectors in the Penderecki-Xenakis-Ligeti-Scelsi axis), its six orchestral etudes bearing titles “for Festive Mood” (an opening sonoristic overture) “for Winged Motions”, “for Densities”, “for a Single Note” (hello Giacinto!) and “for Microtones and Strange Sonorities” and “for Orchestral Virtuosity” (a closing synthsis of orchestral complexity). The work not only makes significant demands of the musicians in performance but also entrusts them with responsibility as regards the elaboration of the musical ideas. The 1979/80 Iubilum appears to exist only on a Louisvile Orchestra recording and readmits elements of his earlier tonal periods into his later style in a 12-minute commission to mark the 400th anniversary of Buenos Aires. Deutsches Symphonie Orchester Berlin; Arturo Tamayo.


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