ROMAN HAUBENSTOCK-RAMATI (1919-1994): Konstellationen (selection) for Ensemble, Puriel for String Quartet, Morendo - double/echo for Tape and Bass Flute, Multiple 4 for Oboe and Horn, String Trio No. 1 “Ricercari”.

Catalogue Number: 08S045

Label: Kairos

Reference: 0015003KAI

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: The early String Trio is conventionally notated, and very Webernian. This is not the kind of thing Haubenstock-Ramati is mostly known for; from the mid-1950s onward he increasingly incorporated 'controlled un-limitation' into his music through the introduction of graphic elements into his scores - graphic structures so elegantly expressed that they have been exhibited as visual art as well as being used as performing material (an example appears on the cover of the CD). The graphic notation is explained in the scores - this is very far from an improvisational free-for-all - and conventional musical notation is used to define precisely some aspects of pitch material. Konstellationen (1971) consists of 25 coloured etchings with symbols that suggest musical notation; the three completely different pieces here derived from them illustrate the richness of the composer's vision. In the right hands - as here - the pieces have a sense of continuity and flow like the best examples of free jazz, and suggest the fluid mobility of the interaction of moving well-defined forms exemplified by Calder's mobiles; this is no coincidence, as Calder's sculptures were a major source of inspiration to Haubenstock-Ramati. Late in life, the composer returned to modified conventional notation, and a work like Pluriel (1991) builds on his extreme notational experiments by exploring the combination of fixed structures in variable ways in which the separate string parts make up a quartet, three duos and a trio. The late Morendo is a tape piece to which Haubenstock-Ramati's envisioned but unrealised flute part was added by Bernhard Lang in 2002 by extracting a score by computer analysis of the tape part. The result is a richly textured stream of fragile, beautiful sounds, gently flowing into one another. You could put this track on endless repeat and watch a Calder mobile in a gentle breeze for hours. Klangforum Wien.


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