KAZIMIERZ SEROCKI (1922-1981): Complete Works for Solo Piano - Piano Sonata, The Gnomes: Childrens’ Miniatures, Suite of Preludes, A piacere: Suggestions.

Catalogue Number: 08S046

Label: Dux

Reference: 1284

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Before he turned to his experiments with sonorism, Serocki produced a small group of piano works in the 1950s which show a non-linear move toward radicalism: the 1952 Suite of Preludes (seven of them) are atonal but not dodecaphonic but are followed by 1953’s The Gnomes which suggests Bartók’s For Children in their simple andbasic folk dance forms; then, the spiky and neo-classical sonata from 1955 can’t help but make you think of the Prokofiev Seventh Sonata. It’s the last of Serocki’s solo piano works, likely inspired by music of Boulez and Stockhausen which he had heard at Darmstadt, that makes the leap into then-current modernism - the Suggestions of 1962-63 (premiered at the Warsaw Autumn in 1963 by Frederic Rzewski), the other part of whose title, A piacere, describes their aleatoric form: three parts consisting of ten segments each of which can be performed in any order. Adam Kośmieja (piano).


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