Austrian War Songs and Literary Statements in the Early Days of World War I

Songs - EMIL HOCHREITER (1872-1938): In Gottes Namen, Op. 3.9/1, Neuösterreichs Bluttaufe, Op 40/1, Unser Kasier im Gebet, Op. 41/3, Tod in Ähren, Op. 41/5, Österreichisches Reiterlied, Op. 41/4, Reiterlied, Op. 40/5, ROBERT STOLZ (1880-1975): Der Honvedhusar, Op. 185, CARL ZIEHRER (1843-1922): Kommt heran! (Kriegslied), PAUL JUON (1872-1940): Österreichisches Reiterlied, FRANZ LEHÁR (1870-1948): Reiterlied 1914, RALPH BENTAZKY (1884-1957): Draußen in Schönbrunn, Statements - KARL KRAUS (1874-1936): In dieser großen Zeit, Das technoromantische Abenteuer, ‘s gibt nur an Durchhalter!.

Catalogue Number: 08S065

Label: Gramola

Reference: 99116

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: In Austria, enthusiasm for war and violent patriotism appear to be very characteristic of the first months of World War I and this recital provides examples of this initial phase of enthusiasm in Viennese musical and cultural life. For German-speakers, there are also 26 minutes of excerpts of writings by the great Austrian author Karl Kraus, one of the early and harsh critics of the war. German song texts. Csongor Szántó (baritone), Karin Wagner (piano), Franz Schuh (recitation).


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