The Romantic Piano Concerto - 72

CIPRIANI POTTER (1792-1871): Piano Concertos No, 2 in D Minor and No. 4 in E, Variazioni di bravura on a theme by Rossini.

Catalogue Number: 08T002

Label: Hyperion

Reference: CDA 68151

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Potter’s three surviving concertos date from 1832-35, the end of a three-decade period when concert halls in London were hearing the likes of Pixis, Kalkbrenner, Herz, Moscheles, Field, Cramer, Hummel, Steibelt and Dussek playing their own concertos. As a performer Potter championed Mozart and Beethoven and as a composer, he found a way to delight the audiences with the soloist’s skill and virtuosity but to also favor orchestral color, melody and harmony over empty glittering display and his use of wind instruments seems to derive from Mozart (solo parts for violin and cello too in No. 4!). Among the high points of the early concertos in this long-running series. Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra; Howard Shelley (piano).


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